Poem: A Thousand Imaginations For My Babies – Theodora Oyani

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baby_imisi_markedFor My Babies I want Life.
I want them Beautifully Grown.
I want them Intellectual.
I want them Joyous, Content,
Grateful. I want them Thoughtful,
Deep, Dedicated, Unrestrained.
For My Babies I want Inspiration,
Journeys, I want them Lovely,
Lovable, Literal.
I want them Excellent, Exquisite,
Evergreen. For them I want Peace.
For My Babies I want Purity, A Simple
Difference, Immortality.
For My Babies I want Remembrance,
I want Praise, I want them Noteworthy
All the Way.

Theodora, 16, is a young poet, she writes from Middlesbrough, UK. Email: imueti89@gmail.com

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