Broombrella – An Election To Reckon, By Chibuzo Onyemachi

While many are clamouring “Power to the people”, others are busy standing tall with their fists highly lifted in shout of “Change”

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PDP and APC logo

PDP and APC logo

Having performed some metal scripts regarding issues on the forth coming election, I write this. Even children of under age are aware of 2015 election, and the aspirants in their zones including the one who was with gun, and one who has been with matched. The numerous warnings from family and friends, to make sure I come home before the Lover’s Day have been of a great concern to me. In order to exercise my franchise, I went ahead to even pay to make sure I apply for the Permanent Voters Card (PVC). As a bona fide well-meaning citizen; I should have gotten it for free, but to show my enthusiasm, I danced the tone which was played by the INEC officials at that tumultuous registration centre in one of the councils within Alimosho.

As the election approaches, jingles are all over the radio stations, television and even their posters with feign smiles, asking us to go get the PVC, not knowing that some strategies have been employed to deny some their franchise. It is less than two weeks before the election and the sermon been preached even as electorates flaunt to the centres, are all come-today, come-tomorrow. The worst is that most easterners in the area have not gotten their PVC, while their southern equivalents have. An average southerner believes that an easterner is automatically a candidate for GEJ and anti-APC. So, in order to dispel the withholding of PVC, having seen through the names to identify the region the bearer emanates from, will be a clear cut way. What about the flimsy excuses, it is handful.

President Goodluck Jonathan and Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd)

President Goodluck Jonathan and Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd)

Procrastination they say has been a lazy man’s apology. But in this context, it is not of the lazy, but a beat which must be danced to. Lovers would have to shift their merriment because no option would substitute this very remarkable day even if St. Valentine resurrect. It has been of great interest since the inception of campaigns against the coming election of the federal republic. Eyes have been fixed upon the political timbers and calibers of the nation’s affairs. While many are clamouring “Power to the people”, others are busy standing tall with their fists highly lifted in shout of “Change”. Before now, the slogan of give us ‘change’ was only recognized in commercial vehicles or in some monetary transactions.

With a touch of reality; there are three categories of people as regard the forth coming election. The ones eager to sweep with their brooms no matter what it takes; and the ones with reverberating ego for a continuous coverage of the nation with a two-coloured umbrella. What about those with the mindset of ‘idontcarism’, those assumed to be in the writer’s shoe, even as he writes bare footed. A true citizen has the right to exercise his civic responsibility and franchise, but from the level of things and fierce unadulterated threats, the answer to this election should be attributed to Bob Marley’s Who The Cap Fit, as some regions showcase their dire utterances day after day. Classified moves to buttress the ineptitude of the opposition, ranging from that of credentials verification, medical evaluation, through the Niger-Delta proclamation of an ultimatum against the incumbent president have made 2015 election a much more interesting one. While the Northern region are pulling their hairs in sworn of making the government uncomfortable if their desire appear in a topsy-turvy, it has been of utmost concern to the citizenry entirely as we are day after day calculating on the next thing to expect if the otherwise in anticipation happen. The invitation of the US Secretary of states, Mr. John Kerry, was to avoid shifting the February 14th election, but the electoral commission body are still running helter-skelter which made it obvious they can’t meet up distributing the PVCs.

To clergymen, it is a year of monumental fulfillment of prophecies; these political and ecclesiastical juggernauts are making it a cynosure in the African continent and the world at large. The truth remains; corruption must be swept out of the country though stealing is not a part of it as propounded by the incumbent government, but Nigeria must be covered from the drench of regional egocentric and religious colonialism.

By psychology, a stalk of okra tree have a potential to draw, no atom of dehydration will seize it from that. Out of numerous political parties in the country, we have had these two elephants fighting each other in every of its location. We need no Nigeria version of Saddam Hussein, let us not use our hand to vote into power someone that will torment us. You have the power to change that which you don’t want. Apply some changes in your power.

Chibuzo Onyemachi is an information technology analyst, writing from Lagos.
Twitter: @kinskid1

Views expressed are solely author’s

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