Kogi State in Motion Without Movement, By Abdul Miliki

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Kogi State Govbernor: Idris Wada

Kogi State Govbernor: Idris Wada

Kogi State is at a cross road now more than it 23 years of existence. It has the opportunity to build a state that can guarantee justice, human dignity and development to its citizens. The burning question in the state is that can the people of the state and its leadership grasp this opportunity to move the state forward on the path of justice and economic development.

It would be recalled that on the 27th of January 2012 the current administration of Capt. Idris Ichalla Wada came into existence and by 27th of January 2015, the administration will be three (3) years exactly. It is worrisome and disappointing despite the huge resources accrue to this administration in the last three years, no meaningful development have been achieved in all segment of the state.

No single project has it commenced and completed in the last 3 years in all the 21 Local Governments. At the inauguration of this non-performing government, it inaugurated a Think-Thank whose expectation is to dry a blue print of his administration. We observed the content of the Thin-Thank report is yet to be made known to the citizens of the state three years after. We wonder is the blue print that is to assist the state and its people, why is the content not made public for their review and input.

A review of special area of concern is as follow:

2012 Flood: 

It is shameful despite colossal amount raised to support the flood victims by the Federal Government and its citizens which amount to over N2billion naira in cash and materials, the government is yet to complete the post housing estate and allocate to the victims more than two years after, despite the fact that flood victims are scattered in 9 Local Governments the so called flood victim housing estate was fraudulently built in Lokoja yet to be allocated any flood victim. We demand for an explanation and report on this human disaster.


Education is the bed-rock of every society that promotes and enhances development. Various State Governments in Nigeria are currently giving free education to its citizens and constructing Model public Schools, but in Kogi State the reverse is the case. Three years of this administration, it came out to say it could no longer pay the WAEC Fees of it citizens. For a government who could not pay WAEC Fees of his students, will such government be able to give Scholarship or free Education in the 21 Century to it citizen as no single Primary School has been built in the three years of this administration, rather the administration has been characterise with strike due to lack of adequate payment of teacher’s salary and dilapidated infrastructure in the educational sector.

Road Construction

In the last three years of the current administration, despite the bogus amount claimed to have been expend in that sector, the condition of road in the state remain poor. For instance the Hassan Kastsina road hosting very important institutions such as the Zone 8 Police Command, the State Directorate of the SSS, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the Federal High Court, the headquarter of Judiciary in Kogi State, the Federal Inland Revenue and the State Assembly that carryout appropriation and make law for the state have been abandoned sine 24th of December 2013.

Legislative cooperation and equipment 

When this administration was 100 days in office, an design of Annex and expansion of the Assembly was presented to Capt. Idris Ichalla Wada and he promised on camera and before the people of Kogi State that by the time he will be celebrating his second 100 days in office he shall be laying the foundation stone of such Annex and expansion. 3 years down the lane, this government and its leadership has failed to abide by it promise despite unprecedented cooperation of the Members of State Assembly to the current government. Several bills that are passed which include but not limited to the Freedom of Information (FOI) first to be passed in the entire federation is yet to be signed into law. This is a bill that is associated with transparency, accountability and good governance if signed into law. More worrisome is the Gender and Equal Opportunity Bill passed more than one year ago, the government has refuse to sign into law despite the claim of the governor to be gender sensitive and respect for womanhood. Several other bills passed are also not signed into law or return to the assembly for further legislative action, which amount to illegality and impeachable offence.

Debt and Bond

Three years down the lane, after taken over the controversial Bond on the 27th January 2012, the State is yet to known the debt profile, rather, the government signed into law on the 12th July 2013 a Law for the establishment of Kogi state Debt Securities (Issuance) and has since collected N5 billion out of the N20 billion requested for and whose detail of expenses is not made known to the citizens of Kogi state. We call on this government to publish the debt profile of Kogi State.

Information Management 

23 years of Kogi state and three years of this administration, Kogi State is yet to have its own State television and all law passed in Kogi State are not gazetted due to lack of printing press. The Graphics Newspaper, the mouth organ of the state is still being printed outside the state. Major decision of the state Executive Councils are also not gazetted. We then ask, what is the priority of this government?

We call on the people of the state to reject incompetence government and leadership in the state.

We also request the State Assembly as the sole elected representative of the people to live up to their expectation through oversight function, law making process that is inclusive and participatory for the purpose of the overall development of our state.

Views expressed are solely author’s

Source: Premiun Times

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