Poem: Time – By Theodora Oyani

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Theodora Oyani

Theodora Oyani

Time will always be here.

Fading away and counting
in the background.
Time will always tell the tale
of long lost cause and
thundering wars.
Time will always testify
that beauty wasted
came with flaws.
Time will always wrest its gains,
and change and twist
and show they way.
Time will always break our hearts
and steal the souls we want so much.
And make us curse and beat the ground
asking why we’ve got real life
Time will always make us change
and turn our hearts to life long dreams
and make us hate and love and kill
and want the things we never knew. 
Time will always heal our wounds
and make us laugh the way we could
and tear down the walls we built so high
and make us crack and break and smile.
Time will always tell the tale. . .

Theodora, 16, is a young poet, she writes from Middlesbrough, UK. Email: imueti89@gmail.com

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