Poem: I Remember – By Theodora Oyani

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Theodora Oyani

Theodora Oyani

I remember him everyday,

How he was before things changed.

The way he will always be to me.

The many things we’ve said and seen.


I remember that hot bright day.

My thighs itchy as I sat in the car.

I remember the brutally trimmed hedges and

The vast white dome.


I remember him taking my hand.

The cold white metal slowly slipped

On my finger.

The look of love and forever he had in

His eyes,

Like we would never fall apart.


One day was all it took, for the walls to tumble

And the joy to break.

One day became consistent and consistent became



I could never be right, I was just a rope to hang on to,

Before reality came to the rescue.

I remember his dissatisfied grunts. The far away attention

And half-hearted attempts. . .


Night after night I prayed for a change. I wished for a bridge

To cross the ever growing beyond.


Nothing happened, he went out of reach. A broken mother

With clueless children.


I survived, though my sadness never left. It gradually became

A silent companion.

So when I sit down to remember and smile, I hope against hope

That he’ll come back to me.

Even though the truth is broke and

Will never be the same. . .

Theodora, 16, is a young poet, she writes from Middlesbrough, UK.  Email: imueti89@gmail.com

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